Straight Outta Trumpton

A blog consisting mostly of cat pictures, early 90s UK rave music, and the occasional Virtual DJ mix.

What does the frog say? (Work in progress)

Crappy mashup I threw together in 10 minutes as a proof of concept in response to a comment on a forum. It works well enough but gets worse if I put more effort into it so I’m just leaving it as is.

I guess this is the DJ equivalent of night blogging?

Favourite responses so far:

<depcat> fuck
<depcat> yuou
<depcat> lum
<depcat> look waht you did
<depcat> i hate you

<&Nitrogen> ok listening
<&Nitrogen> oh god lum did you do what i think you did

<Oliber> Lum: you disgust me

<mougari> I just saw the first frog prt
<mougari> and I already want to suffocate you with a plastic bag
<mougari> and after that the maker of the video

Some mashups I actually put effort into:

NWA vs Urban Hype - Straight outta Trumpton
Tinie Tempah vs Joey Beltram - Pass Out / Psycho Bass

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